Hatfield Consultants Partnership

Established in 1974, Hatfield Consultants provides innovative and cost-effective environmental solutions to public and private sector clients throughout the world, including North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Hatfield combines specialized expertise with customized multidisciplinary services to support sustainable and socially responsible infrastructure, resource and power projects.

Glendambo Publishing

Saltspring based author, Anthony (Tony) Bruce was born in Zambia and he spent much of his youth hunting and fishing in the bush country. He worked and lived in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom before immigrating to Canada with a young family. He and his wife purchased acreage on Saltspring Island, built a house, and began writing and publishing novels that can be ordered directly from his website.

Nicholas Bruce

My son, Nick has helped setup and maintain my blog. He runs his own over at as well.