2020 May Squamish Estuary Birds

The Squamish Estuary is quite active right now (early May) and it was great to see the Tree Swallows setting up their homes in the bird boxes in the estuary along the railway tracks. The common Yellowthroat Warblers were also busy along with Red-wing Blackbirds and a variety of sparrows, ducks and geese. It is often difficult to ID wading… Read the rest “2020 May Squamish Estuary Birds”

2016 March Birds in Squamish Estuary – 1st weekend in March

Took advantage in a break in the rain on Saturday morning  to go for a walk in the Squamish estuary (along the railway tracks, starting from Squamish terminals) – lots of bird activity including the lovely Red Winged Blackbird, a Great Blue Heron, misc. ducks and geese (including a pair of Hooded Mergansers that I didn’t get a decent shot… Read the rest “2016 March Birds in Squamish Estuary – 1st weekend in March”

2015 April Juncos

A flock of Dark-eyed Junco’s (Junco hyemalis) spent a few days in our backyard last week, but seem to have moved on. According to Peterson’s Field Guide Junco’s were divided into four main species (Oregon Junco, Gray-headed Junco, Slate-coloured Junco and White-winged Junco), but recently there has been a lot of inter-breeding and hybridization making it hard to distinguish between… Read the rest “2015 April Juncos”