Britannia Beach

2015 June Britannia

From time to time, I complain about my commute from Squamish to North Vancouver, but compared to what many people have to endure I am actually quite lucky, as it is a beautiful highway, traffic is generally light, and the scenery spectacular.  On Friday I stopped in Britannia Beach and took a few shots across Howe Sound and of the… Read the rest “2015 June Britannia”

Galileo Coffee – Britannia Beach

Galileo Coffee shop is my favorite stop for an early morning coffee on my daily commute from Squamish to Vancouver – this popular cafe is conveniently located as you enter Britannia Beach and provides a welcome pit-stop for commuters heading both north to Squamish/Whistler and south to Vancouver. The excellent coffee is roasted on-site and a variety of snacks are… Read the rest “Galileo Coffee – Britannia Beach”