Squamish Estuary

2018 April Squamish Estuary

Spring hasn’t quite sprung on the west coast with wet, cool weather forcast for another week or two. However the signs are there with plants beginning to leaf out in sheltered/warmer nooks and crannies and many birds aggressively demonstrating fitness to mate through plumage and song – we also saw our first bear of the season which looked surprisingly plump… Read the rest “2018 April Squamish Estuary”

2016 March Birds in Squamish Estuary – 1st weekend in March

Took advantage in a break in the rain on Saturday morning  to go for a walk in the Squamish estuary (along the railway tracks, starting from Squamish terminals) – lots of bird activity including the lovely Red Winged Blackbird, a Great Blue Heron, misc. ducks and geese (including a pair of Hooded Mergansers that I didn’t get a decent shot… Read the rest “2016 March Birds in Squamish Estuary – 1st weekend in March”

2015 Feb Squamish Estuary – Great Grey Owl

Several sitings of the Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa) prompted me to hightail down to the Squamish estuary this afternoon. Either two or three owls have been seen over the last few weeks in the estuary, a short walk from the end of Vancouver Street in downtown Squamish. This is the largest owl found in North America, and according to  … Read the rest “2015 Feb Squamish Estuary – Great Grey Owl”