Viet Nam

2018 July HCMC

In late July, I spent just over a week in HCMC on business. This dynamic city of roughly 12 million people seems to be growing almost daily, and certainly after a 6 month break since my last visit, the impacts of rapid construction are evident everywhere. Despite the noise and frenetic pace, it is one of my favourite cities in… Read the rest “2018 July HCMC”

2018 March HCMC

After Yangon, I flew to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in southern Vietnam which is the largest city in the country (approximately 13 million) and its commercial centre. I’ve been coming here for approximately 20 years and it is amazing to see the rapid pace of development, with the skyline dotted with construction cranes. In addition to fantastic food,… Read the rest “2018 March HCMC”

Aluoi Valley, Viet Nam, 1995?

A couple of old shots taken in the Aluoi Valley, central – west Viet Nam near the Laotian border, west of Hue.  This part of Viet Nam is populated by hill-tribe people (Hmong) and was heavily impacted by bombing and herbicide spraying activities during the Viet Nam – American war.  Hatfield Consultants has worked closely with Vietnamese experts since the… Read the rest “Aluoi Valley, Viet Nam, 1995?”